Friday, November 18, 2011

Fat Kid Friday

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

Lady loves to bake ,and today she wanted to make chocolate chip cookies.
I thought we could change things up and also make Mint chocolate chip cookies as well.

Since Boy doesn't like mint we put food coloring in them .  Making the mint one's green and the "normal" one's pink.

To make them I just followed the directions on the back of my chocolate chip bag, split the dough in two different bowls and added mint one bowl.

They are soooo yummy!  I will be making these every time we make a batch of cookies!
They kinda taste like thin mints favorite!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New stuff in the shop!

Head over to the shop to see some new things from Simply Bettie

What I want Wednesday

Vintage 1950's dress

You can buy this sweet dress for your little lady at
REINTINAGEkids on etsy!

Monday, November 14, 2011

New Fun Things

I'm really excited about the new things to come to Simply Bettie. 
In this creative journey I have sometimes second guessed myself ,  I needed a creative break ,and that's what I did.  I'm refocused and am making things I'm super proud of.  Here's a sneak peek from our recent photo shoot.  I hope you enjoy!

Monster on a string

Yesterday was a amazing weather here.  80 in mid November ,Yes Please ! 

We enjoyed a nice lunch in the park, then played afterwards. 
 Our trip wouldn't be complete without Monster.... A friend of mine gave lady this monster stuffed toy on a string , and now it must go everywhere with us!

She's so cute while we were walking she stopped ,pulled the string ,and said "Monster hurry up"!

What lady wore : Dress - Consignment
Shoes- Target

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What I want Wednesday

Cobalt Blue Coat

I have a slight obsession with coats , and I would love to add this to my collection!

If you NEED a blue coat , and let's be honest who doesn't!? 
You can find it HERE!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Getting to know you...Red Hot Annie

I'm very excited to introduce our guest Red Hot Annie!
She is an Amazing and Beautiful Burlesque performer in Chicago
,and she was kind enough to answer some questions ,and share a tutorial with us in the future.

So here she is Red Hot Annie

Tell us a little about yourself
I've been performing in theatre shows since I was 15.  I majored in theatre/musical theatre in college and spent the majority of my early 20's going from one show to another, spending a lot of time working on various theatre boards.  I also modeled extensively (I've probably racked up close to 1,000 shoots over the years), produced my own weekly radio show for a three years, was worked to the bone at a talent agency for a summer, and have been working on set as a makeup artist for almost 10 when I bumped into burlesque, I already had an extensive understanding of how the entertainment business works, both on the talent and production side of things.  I got involved in burlesque about 4 years ago, and started my own production company, Vaudezilla, a little over 3 years ago.  I recently started a second business called Beauty Parlor Chicago, with my partner Ashley Vest.  I love being a female entrepreneur, and running two businesses that cater to women.  I feel like I'm always being presented with these opportunities to learn what it means to be a liberated lady in the 21st Century. I love what I do and am grateful not to have to work for The Man - literally or figuratively!

Who has been the biggest influence to your craft?
I'm a very team-oriented person, so for me, without a doubt, the biggest influences in the world of burlesque have come from my team mates at Vaudezilla.  It's very inspiring to be surrounded by such a diverse group of entertainers, with strengths that run the gamet from classically-trained to natural born, raw talent.  Trained dancers like Jeez Loueez, Po'Chop, and Anita Lilmore give me great inspiration in movement.  Trixie Sparx's energy is contagious.  Mister Junior is a true artist, so his way of looking at things and expressing himself is can be a very liberating experience.  Mia D Vine & Saucy Jack bring their legitimate acting background into the shows!  Shirley Knot brings a very clever sense of humor and Booty Garland can shake it (among other talents).  Photographer Kriss Abigail does a lot of work behind the scenes that goes unnoticed but has a huge impact not only my career, but on much of the success Vaudezilla has had in the past year.  And my biggest influence, both on stage and off, is Dick Dijon.
As far as my favorite performers of all time go, I love Ammunition, Anna Fur Laxis, April O'Peel, Coco Lectric, Dirty Martini, Jolie Ampere-Goodnight, Melody Mangler, Perle Noire, Ruby Joule, Tigger!, and Wham Bam Pam, among many others.

When and How did you get started?
I stumbled into burlesque when I first moved to Chicago.  I had a couple friends who did it, and with some encouragement, I put together my first act.  I've been a pinup model since 2003, so I already had a following who came to see me in shows - and believe it or not, some of those fans owned bars & establishments around the city and eventually asked us to bring shows to their venues...and that's how Vaudezilla was born!

What's your favorite part of performing?
My favorite part of performing is putting together an act from the first moment of inspiration all the way through to when it's being performed on a national stage.  There's something magical in being able to take a thought and build it into something that other people can relate to that is really motivating and exciting for me.  I'm a natural exhibitionist - I enjoy the pressure and responsibility of being in front of a crowd - whether it's dancing, singing, or acting...or even just public speaking!

What was the inspiration for your name Red Hot Annie?
My last name is Weinert and so when I was growing up, kids always called me "wiener!"  Easy as pie!

What advice would you give to people wanting to start in Burlesque?

My biggest piece of advice for people who want to get started in burlesuqe is to find a supportive teacher or group of people will can help you create your burlesque persona and develop stage presence.  It’s really important to find someone who will teach you things, but still grant you artistic freedom.  Depending on how far you’d like to progress into the world of burlesque (festivals, competitions, etc), you may want to find a mentor who is very secure – a mentor who is threatened by your success is no mentor at all.  

You can check out upcoming performances and all about 
Red Hot Annie HERE