Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Measuring Tape Headband Tutorial

While Lady was sleeping I started crafting and I thought I would share...

Measuring Tape Headband

What you need
*Measuring Tape
*Glue Gun

First take your measuring tape and wrap it around your head then cut the size needed.  Mine was 15" .  
*you don't want your measuring tape to go all the way around.  Leave a few inches for your elastic*

Then cut 3 strips for your bow and middle of your bow
Mine where 
5 1/2"
2 1/2"

Next put hot glue on the end of your measuring tape and wrap it around your elastic.  repeat this step on the other side.  My elastic was 2"
Like so...

Next put glue in the middle of your bow strips and bring the two ends together in the middle of your strip and press like so...

Do this to your two larger strips then stack the small one on top of the larger one
like so...

Now take your bow and glue it to your headband.  Now take your smallest strip and glue and wrap it around the middle of your bow and onto the headband...

I hope you enjoy!  This is great for everyday wear of maybe as a gift for a crafty friend!


  1. Oh i love it! Thanks for the tutorial :)

  2. this is so clever! i'm a new follower :o)

    do come visit me

  3. cute - what a fun idea and great tutorial :o)